The social network that helps you to become the best version of yourself

The social network alternative that helps you to figure out what matters in your life. Follow your visions, dreams and goals. Collaborate, connect, challenge, support and help each other.

Coming to Android, iOS and Web

It's time for a change

A change that helps us to grow, connect and challenge ourselves and others.
We introduce you VIBOA - the first social network for personal development.

Everything starts with your vision

How do we find out what we want in life? It starts with who you want to be and your vision. VIBOA gives you the opportunity to visualize your visions in life and break them down into milestones.

Visualize your visions with images, videos or gifs
Collaborate with your friends on your shared vision or keep it to yourself
Track your progress, reflect on yourself and change your system

Unite and encourage each other

No one manages to succeed in life alone. That's why it's important to network with people who support you, encourage you to get the best out of you. With VIBOA you can connect with your friends or meet new people who are just like you. Because together is always better.

Share, comment, motiviate each other
Spend exclusive rewards and emojis

Leave your comfort zone

It's time to challenge yourself. In order to grow, we have to face our fears, unlearn current things and learn new things. Whether you challenge yourself alone, with your friends or with others globally. Learn new things and discover a new side of yourself.

Challenge yourself and friends
Discover global challenges
Get inspired by people around the world